I Am Here to Help

In-person and Virtual sessions are available as well as speaking engagements

I am flexible based on your needs. I can work with you either in person, over the phone, and/or by web conference. Remote coaching has many advantages: You don’t have to hire a sitter or make special plans to leave your house or desk. Whatever you prefer we can discuss how to best accommodate your schedule. To book an appt, consultation, or find out more info simply use the CONTACT FORM on the website.

Services Provided

Individual Coaching

I offer Mommy & Me and Daddy & Me sessions as well as 1v1 sessions with you the parent and/or guardian. You can choose if you’d like the child(ren) present or not. 

Couples And Family Coaching

Whether you’re a single parent, co-parenting, married, or an entire village raising your child I am here to help. I tailor my time and services to meet your needs while giving you the tools you need for you and your child to achieve success. 

Full List of Services Offered

  • Parenting without bribes or rewards
  • Getting kids to cooperate with being ready for school, meals, or bedtime
  • Having kids do their homework or household chores without struggles
  • How to handle school issues/ behaviors
  • Getting kids to turn off the tv/computer games
  • How to approach and implement discipline
  • Sibling issues: fairness/fighting/ jealousy
  • Managing mealtime behaviors
  • Resolving parenting differences and creating a united parental unit
  • How to create a satisfying balance between family, marriage, work, and social life
  • …and pretty much anything toddler to teen and in between