Elyse Jones, LMSW, CPC

Mommy | Licensed Social worker | certified parenting coach

I recognize that parents May Unknowingly recycle habits that continue to leave a legacy of intergenerational trauma. as a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Parenting Coach & Mom of two who has specialized in working with children and families for over 10 years, I enjoy I bringing together my knowledge and expertise in the areas of  child development, conscious + Positive parenting , and social/emotional development to provide therapeutic coaching services for parents and Insightful Consultation for the organizations that support them. I count it an honor to empower parents & the village with the tools to shift from coercion to connection. I love to facilitate Interactive parenting workshops, professional development trainings, 1:1 coaching, & more!

As the Founder & Chief Consultant of Parenting for the culture, I am committed to bringing awareness & interruption to generational patterns that often sneak into our parenting practices & plague our communities. Practices we often call Tradition, but are actually trauma. 

My husband & I are the parents of two divine children. our five year old, Gracie & our two year old son, KJ. I am convinced that these two have been two of my greatest teachers. One thing parenting has taught me is that, if we allow it to, it reveals who we are at our core. Parenting can reveal our strengths, our weaknesses, our insecurities, our fears, and everything in between. I believe every child comes with this superpower. As parents we have the unique opportunity to learn even more about ourselves as we embrace parenting and all that comes with it.