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RePARENTing : Tools To Help Heal Your Inner Child While Raising One

This parenting course will help you learn how to respond to your children from a place of calm and connection instead of chaos. Join the course and learn tips and strategies for regulating your emotions as well as your children’s emotions. You’ll also be equipped with practical tools to interrupt generational patterns that could be impacting your connection with your children.



RePARENTing: Tools to help you heal your inner child while raising one

Hey, I see you, and I get you!

Parenting is HARD! You want to be the best parent you can be for your child or children, but you struggle with your own frustrations. And you’re finding it difficult to regulate your own emotions enough to make real connections with your child. So, let’s stop being the “frustrated parent”, and let’s become the “Empowered Parent”! This parenting course can help you do that!


This course was created by a Licensed Social Worker, Certified Parent Coach, and mom who understands the struggles and challenges of parenting. Know that you are not alone, and by taking this course, you’ll finally have the tools you want and need for parenting in a way that allows you to connect with yourself and your child in the best possible way.

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Imagine what is possible

your Parenting after the course

What You'll Learn

Module 1

It Didn't Start With Me

Identifying learned behaviors that show up in your parenting

In this module, parents will:

Module 2

They're Called Feelings, Not Fixings

Unlearn to relearn how we view, process, & teach emotions to our kids

In this module, parents will:


Module 3

We Not Matching Energy

Learning how to meet chaos with calm through the skills of regulating & co-regulating
In this module, parents will:

testimonials from past Clients & Class Participants

what they have to say

Working with Elyse was a wonderful experience. Her guidance through some parenting concerns has been invaluable. ...I've embraced progress over perfection and learned to extend grace to myself while navigating my parenting journey.
K. R.
Elyse was great to work with. Her presentation was clear, relatable and took scientific concepts and made them digestible for the everyday person...
The presentation made me want to use this time as a non parent to look within and prepare now for being a parent because it’s obvious that who I am and what I have experienced is definitely how I will parent.

Now it’s your turn to get results…

Are you ready to Parent differently?

This is perfect for you if...

You often feel dysregulated, triggered, or frustrated.

You desire to better understand some of your “natural” parenting tendencies.

Your current methods of disciplining are not working.

This is not for you if...

You don't frequently feel dysregulated, triggered, or frustrated.

You have an excellent understanding of your “natural” parenting tendencies.

Your current methods of disciplining are working wonderfully for you and your child.

E. Jones

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

I'm Elyse, Your Coach

Dear Parents,


I’m Elyse Jones, LMSW, founder of Parenting for the Culture. I’m a Licensed Social Worker and Certified Parent Coach. I’ve specialized in working with children and families for over 10 years.


I bring together my knowledge and expertise in the areas of child development, conscious parenting, and social/emotional development to support parents in creating a sense of calm, confidence and connection within themselves and their families.


In addition to my credentials and experience, I am also a parent to two Divine children. I am convinced that my children have been two of my greatest teachers!


Through parenting my two children, I’ve learned these things about parenting…If we allow it to, parenting reveals who we are at our core. It can also reveal our strengths, our weaknesses, our insecurities, our fears, and everything in between.


I believe every child comes with the unique superpower and ability to teach their parents, and as parents we have the unique opportunity to learn even more about ourselves as we embrace parenting and all that comes with it.


As you prepare for this new adventure, just know that I am here to support you on your journey to embracing parenting in a new and empowering way.

With love,


~Coach E.

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