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Workbook style e-book

They're called feelings, Not fixings e-book

How do you handle your emotions? 
Would you say you treat them with honor or resentment? Do you feel that handling your emotions is a balancing act you haven't quite mastered? Do you find yourself having big reactions to your child's intense emotions most times?

In this guide to emotional self discovery, parents are provided the tools to parent from the inside out as we unlearn and relearn the many lessons life has taught on the topic of emotions. This workbook style e-Book provides opportunities for reflection & practical steps on ways to give ourselves permission to FEEL emotions without the pressure to FIX them. 

As we show up for ourselves, we model the very skills our children may learn to mirror. Our ability to be emotionally present with self, directly impacts our presence with our children.

This e-book is for you if you...

Have a hard time communicating your emotional needs

Struggle to name what you are feeling which results in saying you feel "Some type of way"

sometimes label or view emotions as "good' or "bad"

Find yourself pushing away unwanted, anxiety-provoking thoughts or memories

Easily Go From "0 To 100", Not Always Able To Identify What Shifted Your Mood

Strive for Peace

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Mommy | certified parenting coach |
licensed mental health professional | Author

Hey ya'll! I'm Elyse.

The goal is not to be a perfect parent, the goal is to be a present Parent.

Practicing presence starts within.
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