Breaking Cycles in Your parenting?

Get practical tips & Insight to Intentionally Discipline

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In this 2-hour therapeutic experience, you will walk away with powerful insight, practical tools + a Personalized discipline plan tailored to your household needs.

Some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
Secret #1
the way You discipline your children may not impact how they love you, but it can impact how they love themselves.
Secret #2
all parents have a go-to "punishment language" that is often labeled as their discipline but is better defined as their default.
Secret #3
There is power in disciplining from your values instead of your frustration.
"full of light bulb moments!"

"At my age of 74 years, I had to listen well for my roots ran DEEP. Learning from Elyse was full of light bulb moments for me."

- Minnie

"a game changer!"

"My experience was VERY insightful and inspirational. it made me re-think and re-evaluate my approach to parenting. the information presented and the experiences elyse delivered it in is a game changer!"

- Andre

"Progress Over Perfection!"

"Working with Elyse was a wonderful experience. her guidance through some parenting concerns has been invaluable. I've embraced progress over perfection and learned to extend grace to myself while navigating my parenting journey."

- Kyna

Elyse is a thought provoking international speaker, licensed mental health professional & certified parent coach. But most importantly she is a wife & mom who is convinced that we all parent the best we know how with our current level of awareness.

She is committed to equipping parents & villagers with the tools to intentionally parent by becoming more skilled in interrupting generational cycles of trauma that we often call tradition.

Are You Ready?

"Two of the greatest gifts you can give yourself as a parent is grace & Growth, this masterclass will be FULL Of both."
-Elyse Jones, lMSW, CPC | Support for parents