Mindfulness at Bed Time

I often train others on the practice of mindfulness which is the essence of being present in every moment. However, today I was the student and my 3-year-old daughter was the teacher as she reminded me to practice what I preach.

My goal this evening was simple, get the kids bathed and in bed for the night. However, I didn’t realize I was parenting on autopilot and not paying attention to the moment. 

I felt my frustration starting to rise as my routine plan of: bath + bed was being interrupted. The reality is I completely overlooked the fact that she was in the middle of playing with a ball. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to abruptly end what I’m doing/enjoying for non-urgent requests either. If I would have taken a mindful moment I would have noticed what she was in the midst of in order to change my approach and honor the transition time every toddler needs.

Me: “You want to go grab your nightclothes or do you want to grab your bath towels?”
Gracie: “It’s time to take a bath?”
 Me: “Yes.” 
Gracie: “Then go to bed?” 
Me: “Yes” 
Gracie: “But I’m not ready to go to bed. Mommy you’re not respecting my boundaries.”

What is the solution? I asked her how long she would like me to set her timer to finish playing with the ball, and she said “five minutes” 🤣 (She honestly doesn’t fully understand the concept of time yet but it’s so cute when she gives a rational time request.). The timer went off she automatically started undressing for her bath. We both won and we both learned valuable lessons in mindfulness.

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