Don’t Touch!

Today I watched my 2 year old advocate for herself by saying, “we don’t touch booties” after being playfully tapped on hers. (A booty is a slang word for “butt”, and in our house we try to make sure we teach our children the difference between personal and public body parts.) Yes, I witnessed the gesture. Yes, it was innocent. Yet, the adult in this situation apologized & reassured her that it won’t happen again. I thanked my daughter for being brave by speaking up. I thanked the adult for not being offended & for respecting her boundaries. I’m convinced many adults struggle with upholding personal boundaries because they were either never taught how to set them OR they weren’t supported when someone crossed them. I’m not sure who needs to hear this but, it’s never too late to break either cycle. #RespectingKidsBoundariesMatter#TrainThemYoung

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LMSW and Parent Coach

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